BC: Could you share a bit about your professional journey and what inspired you to join BetComply as our Legal & Compliance Counsel?

PM: As a lawyer with over 25 years of experience, I knew that BetComply would be a tremendous success from the moment it was founded. It was the people behind the company and the dynamics they brought that ensured its success. However, I believed that BetComply was missing one crucial element to become a one-stop-shop for all gaming needs: legal services. With my extensive experience as a business, intellectual property, and gaming lawyer, I thought that by combining it with BetComply’s all-compliance services, we could create the ultimate one-stop shop for all gaming needs.

BC: As the Legal Officer, what are your primary responsibilities and goals for BetComply? How do you foresee contributing to the company’s success and growth in this role?

PM: I will safeguard BetComply’s interests internally, and assist BetComply in the provision of legal services externally to their clients upon demand. This is a guaranteed success.

BC: What drew you to the gaming and compliance industry, and how do you anticipate its evolution in the coming years?

PM: I have been involved in gaming since 1999. As the years have gone by and more jurisdictions have opened up their markets, it has become clear that proper compliance is essential. Legal issues cannot be separated from compliance. It is the combination of both that ensures safe gambling, AML protection, protection of vulnerable individuals, and more. As the industry expands, compliance will be the number one priority for all operators and suppliers to maintain their licences and avoid huge fines.

BC: In your capacity, how do you plan to enhance BetComply’s revenue streams and cultivate strategic partnerships?

PM: By selling legal services, along with compliance ones. I don’t know if any other compliance provider does that, I think we are the first.

BC: What strengths or unique perspectives do you bring to the BetComply team that will play a pivotal role in driving success in your position?

PM: Extended networking, clients, knowledge and over 20 years of experience in the industry.

BC: How do you approach building and leading a high-performing legal team? Are there specific leadership principles or philosophies that guide your management style?

PM: Legal teams are unique. Each lawyer tends to work individually with limited supervision. My aim is to work with people whom I trust to do their work successfully, on time and without the need of an immediate supervisor.

BC: Could you highlight some key challenges or opportunities you anticipate in your role, and what strategies do you plan to employ in addressing them?

PM: I would like us to sign some very big clients for full service. We should focus on the fact that we offer an all-in-one solution. To do so, however, we first need to get people to trust that we deliver timely and accurate work. So this is the first step.

BC: On a more personal note, outside of work, what are your interests or hobbies?

PM: I like old furniture restoration, walking, travelling and wine tasting.

BC: What’s one thing people might not know about you?

PM: I sing all the time!

BC: How do you balance your professional responsibilities with personal pursuits?

PM: I don’t. But I aim to in the future! This is my resolution.

If you wish to speak with Paola or any of the BetComply team about how we can help with any of your iGaming compliance or legal requirements, please email us at info@betcomply.com