What We Do…

Your trusted partner in achieving technical
compliance excellence.

Robust Compliance Audits

BetComply conducts thorough technical compliance audits to assess clients’ systems, processes, and practices. These audits identify any non-compliance issues and areas for improvement, enabling clients to rectify shortcomings and ensure adherence to all technical compliance requirements.

Efficient Testing and Certification

BetComply offers comprehensive testing and certification services to help clients validate the technical compliance of their products and platforms. They ensure that clients’ systems meet stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements before launching or making updates.

Integration Assistance

BetComply provides hands-on support to clients during the integration of new software or systems. Their technical experts offer guidance and assistance throughout the process, ensuring seamless integration while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

Secure Data Protection

BetComply understands the paramount
importance of data protection and assists clients in implementing robust security measures. They provide guidance on best practices for data encryption, storage, access controls, and employee training to help clients safeguard sensitive information and comply with data protection regulations.

Incident Response Planning

Recognizing the potential for technical incidents and breaches, BetComply helps clients develop comprehensive incident response plans. These plans outline step-by-step procedures to address and contain incidents effectively, minimising damage and ensuring compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.

Documentation and Reporting Frameworks

BetComply assists clients in establishing comprehensive documentation and reporting frameworks for technical compliance. They provide templates, guidelines, and workflows, enabling clients to maintain detailed records and easily generate reports to document compliance efforts.

Welcome to BetComply

The leading provider of technical compliance
solutions in the gambling industry.

With our deep industry expertise and commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of technical compliance.

From comprehensive audits and efficient testing to secure data protection and incident response planning, we deliver tailored solutions that empower businesses
to achieve and maintain technical compliance excellence.

About Us

At BetComply, our success is driven by a seasoned team of experts dedicated to pioneering excellence in the field of regulatory compliance for the iGaming industry.

With a collective wealth of experience, our team comprises industry veterans, legal experts, and compliance professionals who bring unparalleled knowledge and insights.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to navigating the complexities of regulatory landscapes in over 40 markets, providing clients with tailored strategies for seamless market entry.

With a track record of facilitating efficient licensing, implementing risk mitigation solutions, our team stands as the backbone of BetComply, ensuring our clients
thrive in the ever-evolving world of iGaming compliance.