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Venturing into unfamiliar territories or dealing with strict regulations can be intimidating. A single mistake might jeopardise your market entry or licensing.

Don’t worry! Our expert team is here to guide you on the path to success in regulated markets, including support for 40+ regulated and emerging markets.

Benefits, Features & Key Services

Comprehensive Regulatory Expertise

Ensure seamless market entry with our in-depth understanding of regulations in 40+ markets. Access a wealth of regulatory knowledge to navigate complex compliance requirements effortlessly.

Tailored Market Entry Strategies

Maximise success with customised strategies designed for each specific market. Our experts analyse market nuances to develop strategies that align with regulatory and business requirements.

Licensing Support

Mitigate risks by leveraging our expertise in securing licences for your operations. We guide you through the licensing process, ensuring compliance with local regulations for a smooth entry into new markets.

Ongoing Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with our continuous monitoring services. Receive real-time updates and proactive advice to adapt your business strategies in response to evolving regulatory landscapes.

Risk Management Solutions

Identify and address potential risks before
they impact your market presence. Our risk management tools and consultations empower you to make informed decisions, safeguarding your business from unforeseen challenges.

Dedicated Client Assistance

Experience unwavering support with our client-centric assistance. Our committed team is ready to provide immediate solutions and guidance, ensuring your business thrives in adherence to regulations.



BetComply considers itself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the top iGaming companies across all jurisdictions.

By working closely with these industry leaders, we have gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges and needs of each jurisdiction, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific compliance demands of our clients.

This track record of successful partnerships with leading iGaming companies is a testament to our reputation as a trusted provider in the industry, further solidifying our position as the go-to choice for compliance solutions.

“In my years of experience, I’ve rarely come across a team as dedicated and proficient as Mike de Graaff and the BetComply team. Their expertise in compliance has been a game-changer for us. They don’t just understand the rules; they master them, providing insights that have propelled our business forward. What stands out most is their personal touch. They treat our challenges as their own, offering solutions that are both innovative and practical. Their dedication to our success shines through in every interaction.”

Greg Papanastasiou, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Play North

“We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional assistance Mike de Graaff and the BetComply team provided throughout our journey to expand our UK Operator License to become a Software Supplier as well. Their unwavering expertise, dedication, and support have guided us through the intricacies of the licence application process and helped us achieve our strategic business goals ahead of the estimated timeline. The BetComply team’s thorough understanding of the industry and proactive approach ensured that we navigated the complex process with confidence and clarity.”

Charlie Noble, COO, Grace Media

40+ Jurisdictions Globally


BetComply will be in attendance at a number of prominent iGaming events throughout the year.

We welcome the opportunity to connect to discuss how BetComply can assist with all your compliance requirements —contact us to schedule a meeting and explore how BetComply can elevate your regulatory success in diverse markets.

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