The Ultimate Audit Self-Assessment Tool

In the dynamic landscape of iGaming, compliance is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. With regulators across various markets intensifying their audits, ensuring your company’s duty of care is paramount.  Embrace peace of mind with ComplyCheck – the latest innovation from BetComply designed to fortify your business against the ever-growing scrutiny.

Strategic Defence

ComplyCheck is your shield against the increasing audits from regulators across regulated markets. Our audit self-assessment tool ensures that your company is not just meeting but exceeding compliance standards.

Effortless Compliance

Gone are the days of complex processes. ComplyCheck provides a simple blueprint form that guides you through the self-assessment seamlessly, saving you time and effort.

Insightful Audit Results

Once you’ve completed the self-assessment, ComplyCheck goes to work. All answers and uploaded documents are meticulously reviewed by the BetComply team to then generate a comprehensive report, providing you with a roadmap to compliance success.

Proactive Preparation

Don’t just wait for audits – prepare for them! ComplyCheck doesn’t just identify gaps; it empowers you with actionable recommendations to fortify your defences against regulatory scrutiny.

Why Use ComplyCheck


Global Compliance Partner:

ComplyCheck isn’t just a tool; it’s your global compliance partner. Tailored to the unique needs of iGaming companies, our solution ensures compliance across borders.

Trusted by Industry Leaders:

Join the ranks of satisfied iGaming giants who have chosen BetComply as their compliance ally. ComplyCheck, powered by SG Certified, is built on a legacy of trust and excellence.

How it Works

  • Complete the Form:
    • Access the ComplyCheck online form with ease.
    • Effortlessly input your company’s required information.
  • Review and Analyse:
    • BetComply’s experts will then review your self-assessment.
    • Receive a detailed report highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Prepare with Confidence:
    • Armed with actionable insights, take proactive measures to fortify your company.
    • Approach the upcoming audits with confidence and readiness.