BC: Can you share a bit about your professional journey and what led you to join BetComply as the Chief Revenue Officer?

DS: I embarked on my professional journey in sales back in 1997, honing my skills from cold calling in a call centre to progressing through various roles, including Account Executive, Enterprise Account Manager, to Sales Director. My career has been a continual progression, marked by valuable friendships. The latest chapter brought me to the iGaming sector, culminating in the establishment of BetComply.

BC: As the CRO, what are your primary responsibilities and goals for BetComply? How do you envision contributing to the company’s growth?

DS: As the Chief Revenue Officer, I am entrusted with steering the company towards exceeding revenue goals, fostering strong client and partner relationships, and positioning BetComply favourably amidst evolving market dynamics and regulatory measures.

BC: What attracted you to the gaming and compliance industry, and how do you see it evolving in the coming years?

DS: The rapid growth of the gaming industry, coupled with the imperative for compliance to ensure responsible organic expansion, captivated my interest. The prospect of being part of an industry at the forefront of change and opportunity was irresistibly exciting. I believe that the evolution of regulatory compliance in the iGaming industry will be defined by a quest for higher standards, international collaboration, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies to foster a secure, fair, and compliant gaming environment.

BC: In your role, how do you plan to enhance the company’s revenue streams and foster strategic partnerships?

DS: My role as the Chief Revenue Officer is centred on cultivating meaningful partnerships, a fundamental element for sustainable growth. Drawing from my 20 years of experience, I prioritise building relationships based on trust, accountability, and transparency. My approach is structured, identifying gaps to provide clear direction for the team and the company.

BC: What strengths or unique perspectives do you bring to the BetComply team that will help drive success in your position?

DS: What sets me apart is my personal style, grounded in treating others as I would like to be treated. Trust, accountability, and honesty are non-negotiable values. My strong yet welcoming personality fuels my passion for success and the understanding that success is a journey, not an immediate destination.

BC: How do you approach building and leading a high-performing revenue team? Are there specific leadership principles or philosophies that guide your management style?

DS: My leadership approach is characterised by honesty, directness, and collaboration. We operate as a team, listening to each other and leveraging collective experiences to chart the most effective path forward. I encourage a culture that embraces mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth, always aiming for targets that stretch our perceived limits.

BC: Can you highlight some key challenges or opportunities you anticipate in your role, and how you plan to address them?

DS: The expectation for continuous high performance is inherent in my role. While immediate revenue growth is a visible measure, building strategic partnerships forms the invisible foundation for sustained success. The challenge lies in selecting the right partnerships aligned with our values. We prioritise partnerships that share common goals to ensure a cohesive and mutually beneficial journey.

BC: On a more personal note, outside of work, what are your interests or hobbies?

DS: Beyond my professional life, family has and always will take precedence. Football, particularly supporting Liverpool FC, holds a special place. My passion extends to combat sports and fitness, though as I get older my focus has shifted more to investing in whisky and attempting to improve my golf swing!

BC: What’s one thing people might not know about you?

DS: Not widely known, I achieved my black belt at the age of 15, a testament to early dedication and commitment.

BC: How do you balance your professional responsibilities with personal pursuits?

DS: Maintaining balance involves mindfulness, often found during activities like walking the dog or driving to collect my eldest son from school. Drawing from sports, I understand the importance of rest as a key to personal and professional growth.

If you wish to speak with David or any of the BetComply team about how we can help with any of your iGaming compliance needs, please email us at info@betcomply.com